St MacNissi's
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Church Cleaning Teams

Ever wondered about that announcement that appears in the Parish Bulletin every week "CHURCH CLEANING week commencing 10th January Team 2”.



Who are Team 2?
How many teams are there?
What do the teams do?

Working quietly throughout the week there are four teams responsible for the interior upkeep of the church. These are the people who vacuum, mop, dust and clean to make sure the church is clean and tidy for all occasions.


The teams work on a schedule with each team cleaning once every four weeks. For cleaning purposes the church has been divided into six sections. There are currently six volunteers per team and each member cleans their own allocated section of the church. Team members can go to the church whenever suits them provided there are no events happening in the church.


New team members are always welcome so if you can spare an hour each month your efforts would be appreciated. It’s a physical task with visible and spiritual rewards.


If you are interested in volunteering or if you have any further questions contact Anne McKee on 028 9447 8285.

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