St MacNissi's
Catholic Church

Parish Finance Committee

The parish Finance Committee is an advisory body to the Parish Priest and ensures the sound administration of the temporal goods of the Parish.

The function of the committee is to assist the Parish Priest in his task of administering the Parish finances, maintaining the Parish properties, planning for future capital works and formulating strategies for fund raising. Other functions are to advise on good procedures to ensure that all Parish income and expenditure is recorded through the approved Diocesan accounting system and advising on the appropriate safeguards and controls in regard to the handling, recording and lodging of cash.

Meetings are held as often as business requires but at least four meetings are held each year with a minimum attendance of at least five members.

Members are to be honest, known for their integrity and actively committed to the practice of the faith. No Parish employees or family members of an employee or a relative of the Parish Priest may serve on the committee.

The Parish Priest is not a member of the committee but is present at every meeting.

This committee is a separate body from the Parish Pastoral Council and consequently does not report to it.

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