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Parish Pastoral Council

The purpose of the Council is to advise and work closely with the Parish Priest, in a spirit of partnership and co-operation, in order to build both communion and community within our Parish.

The hope is that St MacNissi's Parish will continue to grow as a community of faith. To this end, the Parish Pastoral Council will assist the Parish Priest in:

  • Carrying out his pastoral and administrative responsibilities;
  • Discerning and addressing the needs of the Parish;
  • Exploring and encouraging pastoral initiatives for the spiritual development and growth of parishioners, and seek to involve parishioners in such initiatives; and
  • Encouraging active participation of parishioners in Parish activities & projects.



The inaugural Parish Pastoral Council was established in September 2002. Membership of these councils was the result of the Parish Priest inviting parishioners to participate on the Parish Pastoral Council and also to ensure that the Council was broadly representative of gender, age, experience and geographical location across the parish. The normal term of the Parish Pastoral Council is 4 years.

Make-up of the new Parish Pastoral Council

The new Parish Pastoral Council, which took over at the beginning of 2012, has 14 members and will remain in office for four years.
The new Council is made up as follows:

  • The Parish Priest ex officio member;
  • 3 members from the previous Council;
  • 7 new members elected by the parish; and
  • 2 additional members nominated by the Parish Priest.


If a member of the new Parish Pastoral Council resigns their seat, the Parish Priest will nominate a replacement for the remaining term of the sitting Council.

Further Enquiries

If anyone wishes to obtain more information on the role of the Pastoral Parish Council please contact the Parish Secretary on 028 9447 2103.

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