St MacNissi's
Catholic Church

Weekly Offertory Collection

The parish depends completely upon the support of the members of the parish family in order to finance its development and maintenance. Envelopes are available for the Weekly Offering, Stipend, Holyday and Charity collections.


If you are not contributing already, you can sign up for a box of Offertory envelopes and contribute whatever you can afford to the parish each week. As an alternative you can arrange to pay your regular weekly donation by standing order. A standing order form is available from the Parish Office and is an excellent way for you to support even when you are on holiday, as the amount is automatically transferred to the parish each month.


All contributions are completely confidential. Each contributor is given a box of envelopes with an identifying number. The weekly collection is counted by a team of workers and each individual contribution is recorded against the relevant number for the purpose of the parish accounts. This is required to prove the receipt of money when application is made to the Inland Revenue under the Gift Aid scheme for the reclaiming of tax.

The Parish Gift aid scheme means that if you pay income tax and agree to sign up, the Parish can reclaim from the Inland Revenue the tax paid on your contribution.


If you are able to support the parish, and are not already doing so, please enquire at the paperstall in the church foyer after Sunday Masses or contact the Parish Secretary on 028 9447 2103.

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